Getting Started

If God has made you aware of the need for the church to return to its roots, then you are on a pathway that can prepare you to become a reformation leader. Here is a suggested guide for solidifying your understanding of this issue.


  1. Head to the Praxis menu item and carefully study “Pedagogy of the Suppressed” (POTS), an adaptation of Paulo Freire’s work on oppression. This will help give the psychological and sociological framework for tackling preeminent suppression. As you go through POTS, you will find your personal study of the Bible begin to unveil a plethora of teaching that clearly speaks to the issue of preeminence.
  2. After investigating POTS, go to the Bible menu where you will find a Sketch (Biblical Overview) and Historical insights.
  3. Then you can go to Themes in the Bible menu and check out some important conscientização elements. Eventually more content will be added to further expedite this investigation.
  4. Follow the blog as it covers the issues, primarily from the theological and cultural aspects.
  5. Engage and add to the discussion whenever you can.
  6. Pray for God to bring others into your life to begin your journey within a true fellowship where Jesus Christ is your one and only Shepherd.