Themes that Confront Ecclesiastical Preeminence

When approaching a culturally engrained problem, especially one that has been solidly cemented for over 1,600 years, helping to take the scales from people’s eyes might seem to be a daunting task. It is different than putting together pieces from a puzzle. The evidence that Jesus is the only one that is to be preeminent is overwhelming. When the veil is taken away, it is like beholding a giant multi-faceted diamond shining colorfully in a bright light. Jesus’ preeminence is unmistakable. The many facets and multitude of colors are the themes that speak to its brilliance. In many instances, little needs to be said as the scriptures speak for themselves.

Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures, Luke 24:45

  • In establishing a pedagogy for facilitating a reformation against preeminent suppression, themes can help facilitate the conscientização. This can lead to the essential praxis that will allow the reformation to take root. The fruit will be the emergence of true fellowships where Jesus is the one and only Shepherd—the only preeminent one, the dynamics of which are beyond our imagination.
  • To apprehend these themes is to understand both the people who embody them and the reality to which they refer. But—precisely because it is not possible to understand these themes apart from people—it is necessary that those concerned understand them as well. Thematic investigation thus becomes a common striving towards awareness of reality and towards self-awareness, which makes this investigation a starting point for the educational process or for cultural action of a liberating character.