Biographical Information

Paul tackled the issue of preeminence in many ways. At times he faced those who tried to build their preeminence by exalting their credentials and at the same time, attempting to diminish Paul’s. It was embarrassing for Paul, but to combat their arrogance, he listed his impressive credentials, but emphatically ended by making it clear he counted all his credentials as just dung. If his amazing credentials were dung then what does that say about the credentials of those attempting preeminence?

God’s word is voluminously sufficient in tackling the issue of preeminence. It doesn’t need my wife or me in the picture. Rather, we hope to bring out the issues as much in the background as possible. Therefore, the biography for my wife and myself will purposefully be sketchy but enough to hopefully put a face to this work.

We both have wide ranging educational backgrounds and the Lord has taken us to many places and cultures through which he has gradually opened our eyes to this systemic cultural problem that continues to plague every church. At times, we have been involved in various preeminent positions and by God’s grace have been delivered from its clutches.

God blessed us with 12 children (sadly, four were miscarriages). My wife and I were born in the USA, my early years were in Wisconsin while my wife’s were in India where her parents served as Christian missionaries. Together, God has had us doing various work in India, Canada, Kuwait, Mexico, and the USA.


A 2010 Picture from Kuwait
Picture taken 2010, while in Kuwait